Customized Training Programs

Businesses, just like all living organisms, follow predictable behavior patterns as they grow and develop. They are faced with specific transitional problems, new and unique challenges during their progress through the various stages of their lifecycle.

Why some businesses fail to withstand even the first five years, while some others already run towards the end of the second century of their existence?

Is there any magic formula for the longevity of a business? How many years can the enterprise live? What are the key factors that influence the longevity of a business? What are the main problems preventing the change of an organization? Can the organization manage change?

This advanced portfolio of training programs has been exclusively designed to run tailor-made, in order to meet, explore and resolve needs and requirements of major companies.

The analytical seminars toolbox includes:

  • The Roadmap to Success
  • Bridge the Culture to Strategy Gap
  • The Achilles Heel of Middle & Top Management
  • Competencies Workbook
  • Effective Teamwork & Decision Making
  • Business Alert Systems
  • Performance Appraisal Model