Finance / Economics

Stay at the top of your game and gain the knowledge, behavior and confidence to meet the challenges of today’s difficult economy. You and your staff will benefit from the latest financial management strategies and techniques to keep your skills sharp and your financial expertise strong and focused.

We put the fundamentals of finance at their fingertips, as we work closely with our corporate clients to define requirements of the training population and create a customized program that addresses stated goals.

We have developed the flexibility to provide our corporate clients with the precise type of training that accommodates specific needs and time constraints. This approach results in a highly effective training experience that equips our audience with practical, relevant skills that can be applied immediately.

The analytical seminars toolbox includes:

  • Financial Intelligence
  • The Economics of Pricing
  • Managing in the Global Economic Environment
  • Risk Management & the Use of Financial Derivatives
  • Managing a Financial Service Firm: An Interactive Simulation
  • Budgeting & Reporting