Sales and Marketing Intelligence: A Useful Development Tool

Sales and Marketing Intelligence (SMI) is a PROCESS through which both market and company data are analyzed and translated into vital information. This information is then, with the help of CRM methodologies, transformed into VALUE, converging Customer and Company needs.

The Revised Model makes it easier to capture market characteristics and customer/consumer preferences, thus enhancing your potential for early penetration and claiming a better market share.

As a PROCESS, it requires the implementation of an Integrated Model, based on which we Plan, Budget, Implement, Evaluate and Correct data and parameters, so as to ensure the achievement of the Goals.

Our SMI Model is structured on 4 axes:

  1. Minimize Deviations and Align Sales & Marketing, to corporate requirements and expectations.
  2. Develop Executives’ Skills and Align them with Market Opportunities, in order to achieve a clear Competitive Advantage.
  3. Shift Strategy from Product to Customer Management.
  4. Review Marketing DNA, to co-create experiences and build long-term relationships with customers.

The SMI Model’s integrated implementation, leads to a framework of 4 important deliverables:

  1. Sales Audit – Sales Structure, Operations, Processes and Tools, Deliverable Reports and Customer Relationship Management Effectiveness.
  2. Marketing Audit – Marketing Structure, Processes, Tasks, Tools, Deliverables, Measurement and Evaluation of Promotional Activities, Marketing Activities and Investments (ROMI).
  3. Econometric Sales and ROI Analyses – P&L Analysis, Margins by Category/SKU, Discount Performance in relation to Market Shares, Competitive Positioning and Redefining Goals to achieve Measurable Return Benefit.
  4. Brand Audit and Redefinition of Communication Strategy.

The SMI Model is also available through our Training Academy.


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