Mergers & Acquisitions

DASO helps companies to overcome obstacles and succeed in M&A activities, through an integrated and stress-tested approach, that links acquisition strategy, diligence and merger integration.

We provide comprehensive and flexible services, tailored to our client’s specific needs, encompassing all M&A actions and we deliver a detailed report, including recommendations and corrective actions.

We operate on a five steps model, which consists of Strategy, Planning, Due Diligence, Integration and Implementation.

1. Strategy

First we secure that merger is part of the corporate strategies of both companies merged. Then we assist management to develop a clearly understood Acquisition Strategy, followed by an M&A plan that aligns with this strategy.

2. Business Planning

We develop the outline of the Business Plan that is linked to the company’s growth strategy and spell out how the deal will add value to both companies.

3. Strategic Due Diligence

Using our Diagnostic Tomography, we proceed with a comprehensive health check. We exploit business needs, evaluate symptoms and assess underlying conditions in order to identify the key sources of ongoing value and sniff out any “perfumed pigs” buffed up for sale. We therefore distinguish sectors where value can be added from those areas in which we must walk away.

4. Integration Plan

We provide the platform on which company values, culture to strategy gap and undiscovered competitive advantage sources are highlighted, in order to generate the Integration Plan of the merged companies. Major integration activities within each department (policies, procedures, processes, key issues that unleash synergies and cost savings), as well as the communication plan, are planned and submitted for approval to the Board of Directors.

5. Integration Implementation

We thoroughly supervise the implementation of the Integration Plan, as merging two companies successfully, requires precise follow through on a long list of integration tasks, major and minor. To achieve both, guiding principles are deployed for Finance & Control Integration, HR, IT, Legal, Procurement, Marketing and Sales, Logistics, Warehouse, R&D, QA &QC, Production, Maintenance, Executive Management and Compliance Integration.

Our philosophy extends beyond an ordinary merge of two companies, to the creation of a new business which will use the best practices of both companies, will employ the most talented in knowledge, effectiveness, skills and competencies personnel and will function under modern management and strong corporate governance structures.

DASO always works alongside with clients and possesses unique expertise in developing strategies to effectively differentiate them. As strategic partners, we assist our customers to effectively manage change, to pursue a strong and profitable market position and to generate premium equity returns for their shareholders.

We have gained a wealth of M&A experience, working in many varied sectors, including Food (Dairy, Cereals Milling, Bakery, Agronutrition), Retail, FMCG and Health Services.