The study of dietary choices, consumer perceptions and attitudes regarding nutrition and food in general, has always been a major component in CBA (Consumer Behavior Analysis) and therefore in the Consumer Culture.

One of the major concerns is the foodborne hazards possibility, which is unfortunately profound by the inadequacy on how consumers can deal with this and obtain a well balanced nutritional diet.

Today, the average consumer is increasingly concerned about the quality, the nutritive value, the production processing, the raw materials and generally the origin, treatment and hygiene conditions for all foodstuffs that are positioned on the dinner table.

In DASO, we highlight the rich native Greek biodiversity, we emphasize on all those products that correlate health to gastronomic culture and we support innovative and integrated design, production, distribution and marketing of these products.

What we do

  • We provide integrated consulting services in development, production, packaging, marketing and sales of specialized food for personalized nutritional approach.
  • We develop new applications and products which are based on the industrial, economic and social exploitation of the research results and the innovation achievements.
  • We conduct basic and applied research in the field of agricultural production for consumer and social aspects of food.
  • We are into the Research and Development of innovative value-added products.
  • We systematically monitor the market and the consumer trends, attitudes and preferences.
  • We draw and develop marketing plans, implementation platforms and corrective actions to achieve pre-agreed targets.
  • We plan and implement a high margin strategy by focusing on the critical differentiation factors, such as unique design elements, innovation of services or products and enhancement of the brand experience