Hydrogen and Ammonia

A major problem of the global effort in Sustainable Development today, is the storage and transport of Energy produced from Renewables, as well as the use of energy efficient fuels with zero carbon emissions.

Hydrogen responds perfectly well to this problem and provides a sustainable solution for the global energy transition and the development of a fossil fuel free economy.

Hydrogen possesses significant competitive advantages among which:

  • It is an abundantly available, natural element.
  • Its use as a fuel emits no harmful pollutants but only water vapor.
  • It has the highest energy density per mass compared to any other fueIt can be produced in a completely environmentally friendly way by electrolysis of water from Renewables.
  • It can be used as a power source in various systems.
  • It can be stored through other carrier-component, such as Ammonia.

Hydrogen is similar to Natural Gas in some technical characteristics, which explains the reason of the emphasis that has been given for its development. We are not far away from the day during which hydrogen will be powered in the Natural Gas grid. Both of them are stored either as gases at high pressures or as liquids at very low temperatures.

Even if hydrogen storage is difficult or energetically inefficient, ammonia – an excellent hydrogen carrier, will provide the solution to this problem.

What we do

  1. We design and develop Hydrogen and Ammonia production systems and produced energy performance metrics.
  2. We study and prepare Feasibility Reports for technical and commercial penetration to the energy market.
  3. We deliver specialized consulting services on the global energy transition for transport fuels, energy carriers and zero carbon footprint economies.
  4. We train executives on the major issues of operations and safety in respective systems.