ECO Audit

ECO Audit is a key Business Support tool that aims at the documented, systematic and methodical evaluation of Environmental & Energy Management, for all operations of the company.

Environmental Protection, Compliance with Environmental Standards and Carbon Footprint Assessment, complement the Safety & Hygiene and the Quality Management of organizations.

Our control model focuses on Sustainable Management, Optimizing Production and Reducing Pollutants and Waste across the spectrum of corporate operations. At the same time, it helps companies to save money and operating costs by improving Energy Efficiency at all levels.

It is a unique tool that aims at the objective evaluation of the Environmental Operations, Ecological Management and Environmental Protection Facilities.

The DASO model guides companies step by step in identifying gaps in the implementation of Environmental Management Systems, in understanding the problems, in designing the Corrective Actions and in complying with the existing Environmental Provisions.

You can read and download our model HERE.