The company was founded in 2006 by α group of distinguished executives led by Dr Petros Dasopoulos, a Chemical & Business Engineer, University of London graduate, member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, member of the British Academy of Management and Doctor of Philosophy and Ph.D. degree holder from the University of Surrey of Great Britain.

DASO possesses a unique expertise in developing strategies to effectively differentiate clients. As a strategic partner, DASO helps customers to pursue a strong and profitable market position. Furthermore DASO manages changes in corporate strategies, either these are complex such as Mergers & Acquisitions, or ordinary business reengineering processes.

In 2016 and under a new legal entity, the company enters into the Renewables and the Environment sections. The company is emphasizing into the research, development, installation and support of anaerobic digestion plants for biogas production for farms, slaughterhouses, dairies, olive-mills and food industries. At the same time, modern, innovative and integrated waste management and processing systems are designed and adapted to the geographical and social characteristics of each region, including the digestate (from the biogas plants) transformation into an excellent compost material for organic and sustainable agriculture.

Also the company enters the Agronutrion sector, highlighting into the rich native biodiversity which is correlated to health-related foodstuff and to the Greek gastronomic civilization and supports innovative and integrated services in research, development, production, distribution and marketing of these products.

Since December 2016, the company operates in 5 Business Units: Business Performance management, Renewable sources and Biogas production management, Waste management and Environmental protection, specialized Agronutrition and Training Academy management.