The average increase of global temperature which is highly affected by the incessant release of greenhouse gases and the continuous degradation of the environment – directly affecting human health, makes the implementation of Sustainable Development measures a Top Priority matter.

Various studies have estimated that more than 73% of greenhouse gas emissions are exclusively due to the energy sector.

The figure below shows the contribution of various sectors in global warming. It is clear that the energy division requires immediate attention and the greatest need for improvement.

Therefore, our priority is to identify alternative energy sources, non-fossil fuels, zero carbon footprint economy models, energy saving procedures and accurate sustainable management systems.

What we do

  1. We develop, evaluate and optimize Energy Management Systems, upgrade their performance, save money and operating costs.
  2. We study and prepare Feasibility Reports of RES projects, for technical and commercial penetration to the energy market.
  3. We design systems for the Production of Biofuels and other alternatives, analyze their energy generation potential and deliver details for new cleaner economies.
  4. We develop novel and high added value innovations of Hydrogen & Ammonia fuels, in the Energy Transition sector, including energy storage, energy transfer and carbon free economies.