Energy Savings

Apart from the need to find alternative forms of energy and non-fossil fuels, Energy Saving plays an even more important role.

Key priorities for Sustainable Development are the use of energy efficient systems, rational use of energy management and environmental design.

Wastefull consumption combined with unnecessary energy losses, are a major blow to the economy, society and the environment. Therefore, Energy Saving and energy efficiency improvement measures, are becoming necessary worldwide.

It is therefore our main objective to assist companies and organizations to save money and operating costs, by improving energy efficiency at all levels.

What we do

  1. We evaluate energy management systems and improve the energy performance of companies.
  2. We investigate energy efficiency parameters and issue Energy Performance Certificates.
  3. We analyze, redesign and modernize Energy Systems.
  4. We upgrade the Energy Efficiency of companies and organizations.
  5. We minimize expenses through EU-funded programs