General Management

General Managers are required to understand the workings and interrelations of a company’s functional areas and manage across these. They need to understand the drivers affecting the business, lead effectively and responsibly, identify the needs of customers, work successfully with suppliers, and satisfy investors. In most cases they must also develop global intelligence and understand how their decisions and behavior lead to business results in different cultures.

The General Management Seminar portfolio is designed to help high-performing managers to realize their potential in the general management role, enhance their management and leadership capabilities, and give them the confidence they need for future tasks.

The portfolio of programs is addressed to ambitious managers who are about to assume a senior executive position or have recently accepted one. It is also recommended for experienced functional leaders with cross-functional responsibilities who are on their way to becoming project, business unit, or regional leaders.

The analytical seminars toolbox includes:

  • Pathway to Prime – the D.A.S.O. Analysis
  • Corporate Governance: Taking the Best from your Board
  • Business Excellence: Developing high Performing Organizations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Competitive Advantage