Renewable Energy Sources (RES) or green energy sources are non-fossil fuels derived from various natural processes and are fully or partially exploited, such as wind, solar and geothermal energy, wave energy, tidal energy, hydraulic energy, flue gases from landfills, sewage treatment plants and biogas.

They are energy sources found in abundance in the natural environment, they are practically inexhaustible and their use does not pollute the environment, while their use is limited only by the development of reliable and economically acceptable technologies that are intended to capture their potential.

For many countries, renewables are a domestic energy source with favorable prospects contribution to the energy balance, helping them to reduce dependence on expensive imported oil and to strengthen their energy security. At the same time, they contribute to an improved quality of the environment.

The main advantages of RES are:

  • They are practically inexhaustible sources of energy and help reduce the dependence on conventional energy resources that with the passage of time are running out.
  • They are domestic energy sources and contribute to strengthening energy independence and security of energy supply at a national level.
  • They are geographically dispersed and leading to the decentralization of the energy system. So, they provide the opportunity to meet the energy needs at local and regional level, relieving infrastructure systems as well as reduced energy transmission losses.
  • They enable the selection of the appropriate form of energy that is tailored to everybody’s needs (e.g. solar energy for low temperature heat to wind power for electricity generation), achieving a more rational use of energy resources.
  • They usually have low operating costs, which in addition are not affected by fluctuations in the international economy and in particular fluctuations of conventional fuel prices.
  • The RES investment is labor intensive, creating therefore many jobs especially at local level.
  • Friendly environment and humans and their exploitation is generally accepted by the public.

What we do

  • We focus in the RES (Renewable Energy Systems) analytics, and we manage the projects’ performance.
  • We specialize in RES feasibility studies with emphasis in biogas production and we design, install and support autonomous biogas power stations.
  • We provide training and energy efficiency education to all personnel involved with our projects.
  • We thoroughly investigate all technical and economic aspects and asses the due diligence reports on behalf of potential investors.