Strategic Management and Process Optimization

The reformed “Strategic Management and Process Optimization Model”, was presented, during the 14th Panhellenic Scientific Conference of Chemical Engineering, which took place in Thessaloniki.

The model is based on the competitive advantage of Adaptability and it’s a contemporary management tool, that improves professional behavior, strengthens executive performance and significantly advances skills and competencies.

The paper was presented by Dionysis Dasopoulos, on Thursday May 30th 2024.

We are grateful to those who believed in our vision and included, for the first time ever in the annals of this conference, the thematic section “Management and Business Strategy – Entrepreneurship”. We also thank both the Scientific Committee that selected and approved our proposal, and all those who honored us with their presence during the presentation. Last but not least, we express our gratitude to our associates who took care of the photography and video production.

You can watch the presentation video HERE, and you can also read our paper HERE.

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