The growing production of waste is one of the major environmental problems of our today’s society. Particularly in Greece, it is considered a top priority matter. Although up to now, waste production was considered inevitable and regarded as collateral side effect of the economic activity and development, modern technology and contemporary agriculture & livestock have proven differently, ending this nasty circle.

Sustainable management, production prevention and waste reduction have become important policy priorities and they constitute a very important role of the effort to reduce environmental pollution, greenhouse gases emission and to mitigate changes of the global climate.

The uncontrolled waste disposal practices are no longer acceptable. Nowadays, the controlled disposal in landfills and the incineration of organic waste are not preferable methods, because environmental standards are much stricter. The aim is energy recovery and nutrients and organic matter recycling.

What we do

  • We manage environmental projects including all necessary licensing procedures and the analytics of environmental protection systems.
  • We design and implement modern, innovative and integrated waste processing units, adapted to the geographical and social characteristics of each region.
  • We design, install and support the digestate treatment plants for compost use, in organic and sustainable agriculture.
  • We specialize on water management, we design and commission rainwater collection, processing and use systems.
  • We thoroughly investigate all technical and economic aspects and asses the due diligence reports on behalf of potential investors.