Organizational Behavior & HRM

It is a common perception that the most valuable asset of a business is the personnel. Effective HRM is a key driver of growth and a competitive advantage for any modern business. The work of HRM is constantly active and requires continuous training and self-improvement, to be able to adapt to technological developments, social change, organizational goals and work values and needs.

This is a highly developed portfolio of programs, which creates and disseminates knowledge that advances the understanding of how to lead and manage, with the aim of increasing personal and organizational effectiveness.

We particularly focus on the organizational changes and challenges arising in a global and more competitive economy, in terms of leadership in an increasingly diverse and dynamic environment, the evolution of managerial careers in our society, the management of diversity and organizational design and change to meet evolving needs and expectations in a changing world.

We help you develop an understanding, upgrade your analytical skills and expand your ideas about your own possible research program in the area of organizational behavior.

The analytical seminars toolbox includes:

  • Change Management
  • Stress Management for Executives
  • Stress Management for companies & Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership & Team Effectiveness
  • Managing Work Engagement for High Performance
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Managing with Cultural Intelligence
  • Power, Influence & Networking in Organizations
  • Motivation in the Workplace: Theory & Practice
  • Managing a Knowledge Network
  • Business Ethics