And the winner is… Greece

Greece won this year’s Gold Medal at the European competition of “Ecotrophelia” in Anuga 2011, presenting an innovative small pariza product from seafood, called “Da Vero – Eco Seafood Cold Cuts” which was developed by a students’ team at the University of Ioannina and the Greek Open University in Patras.

The “Da Vero” product combines the nutritional value of fish and the ecological utilization of food industry byproducts into a delicious and healthy food choice.

Twelve teams – winners of their national competitions – from the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Lithuania, Slovenia, Russia, Italy, Spain and Switzerland participated into the great final.

The presented products – inspired by current consumer trends in Europe – took into consideration all aspects of product development and the request of the European Commission for environmental responsibility, traditional specifications, optimization of raw materials and reduction of waste processes.

The Silver Medal was awarded to the French team for the development of “Twin Choc”, a chocolate mousse and a fondant cake in a single ready-made dessert. The French students are from the Graduate School of Chemistry – Biology and Physics of the Bordeaux Polytechnic Institute.

The Bronze Medal was awarded to the Slovenian team for the development of “Crunchy Milly”, a breakfast cereal made with millet, milk, honey, nuts, dried fruits and chocolate. The Slovenian team comes from the Bio-Technical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana.

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