Strategic Thinking

The development of Corporate Strategy today is more important and challenging than ever before as, in today’s competitive environment corporate strategies have to exceed the borders of nations and markets.

Strategic Thinking is a Design Process that links Innovation to Strategic and Operation Planning so that Business Strategies with greater chances of success are developed and better Equity Returns are generated.

More and more managers realize today that past experiences are not always the best platform for developing future strategies while, at the same time, the usefulness of customer value creation begins to crumble.

The function of Strategic Planning – although pretty important – tends to answer to the How and When questions raised by Business Planning and rarely captures the essence of what it really means for someone to think strategically.

At this turning point, Strategic Thinking comes across to help by specifying the What and Why of the Planning Process and eventually answer the question: What should I do, and why?

Strategic Thinking requires Innovation, Creativity and Novelty. It includes a thorough investigation stage which analyses and studies the “customers’ voices” and aligns them with better functional and productive practices.

The Strategic Thinking is an Examination Process of “what we do in our various roles”, as well as a process of understanding customer needs and assurance that all these can be liaised by clearly defined Strategic Imperatives.

In conclusion:

Strategic Thinking is: What and Why of what should be done.

Strategic Planning is: How and When must be done

Business Planning are the SPECIFIC DETAILS of: How and When

Seeing what others do not see is called brilliance, knowing what others do not know is called genius. — Sun Tzu in “The Art of War”

DASO™ methodology assists business and top management to develop a dynamic and flexible strategy that will always surprise competition.

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