Marketing in a turbulent environment

Τo create and satisfy customers needs profitably in today’s highly competitive and turbulent environment, marketing should follow strategic business unit procedures.

If this is not achieved, marketing will be considered an unnecessary expense and will be included in the cuts list, thus negating managerial initiatives for company growth.

Can we change this?

The answer to that question is clearly yes.

Yes, we can change this, provided that we all understand, talk and are aligned on the same goal.

Our role lies into the development and supervision of a team which understands what happens in the market, so that we are always one step ahead.

Unfortunately, sometimes market surveys have been misunderstood as a tool and many executives use them to cover their own failures. I have repeatedly stressed that there is no consumer today who knows what a product that does not yet exist could do.

This can only be done by organisations that encourage innovation and implement daring and creative marketing.


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