Frozen Bakery Products

While the global frozen bakery products market is growing at an average rate of about 8% and is expected to reach US $ 23.5 billion by 2022, the situation in Greece is rather disappointing.

The frozen dough retail category has declined in volume in 2016 both for branded and PL products. The decrease in domestic demand, has influenced negatively the Catering & Horeca category as well.

However, larger companies have boosted their export activity and managed a significantly better positioning.

Innovation and Extroversion is a key dipole for the Greek industry and consists the main driving force for a sustainable development of the Greek companies.

It is therefore imperative that both Extroversion & Innovation must be incorporated in executives’ culture and be embedded as main and permanent features.

Click HERE to review the retail sales picture of Fresh & Frozen Dough products in Greece.

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