Dependence free on Lignite: Wishful Thinking or a New Greek Strategy for Energy?

The findings of the recent WWF study “Long-Term Planning for the Energy System of Greece“, which is in Greek, are quite impressive. The study was conducted in collaboration with researchers of the National Observatory of Athens.

The study demonstrates that lignite detoxification is not only technically feasible but also has significant economic benefits for citizens. The scenarios examined and based on renewable energy sources and increased energy efficiency lead to significantly lower electricity costs compared to those based on lignite.

At the same time, the elimination of lignite from the country’s energy mix, practically from 2035, will drastically reduce the greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change and will improve the health and quality of life of our fellow citizens in the lignite areas of the country Greece who for decades now pay a heavy price to elect all of us.

Greece must focus on a fair and just transition to the post-lignite era.

It can be done! It is feasible, it is beneficial to people and the environment, it is economical, but above all it is urgent!

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