Training Academy 2019-20

Greece faces today a major challenge for its redeployment into the investment scene, while at the same time international competition is implementing more effective strategies to improve competitiveness.

Greek performance remains very low compared to the EU, spreading the investment gap, which is the most critical factor of recession and unemployment. The adoption of a fast-track reform program to improve competitiveness will make it easier for Greece to be repositioned into the investment map.

For this reason, DASO has developed the roadmap to a Dynamic Change Management Platform that enables businesses to capitalize on company values, build their competitiveness, adopt innovation as a major profit-making strategy and generate premium equity returns for their shareholders.

These specialized reform programs are the most modern and innovative approach to higher business training. Provide comprehensive experiential training and mentoring services to the executive staff of a business.

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Training Academy provides superior quality solution of value added selected training programs. Pioneering thoughts and ideas are being developed, tried and tested methods – that have improved the real world of business – are analyzed along with the latest announcements of prominent personalities and gurus in Business Management.

Groundbreaking thoughts and ideas are developed, along with results-oriented pathways that align with the latest announcements of leading business educators and gurus in business management.

Book your place today and live a unique experience of Interactive Training with contemporary and specialized solutions that aim in improving employees’ professional behavior, strengthen their executive infrastructure and equip them with modern management tools to successfully handle people and projects.

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