The New CAP 2021-2027

Knowledge and innovation are essential for a smart, resilient and sustainable agricultural sector. The New CAP 2021-2027 encourages increased investment in research and innovation and enable farmers and rural communities to benefit from it.

The promotion of innovation, the diffusion of knowledge, the immediate application of new technologies and the digitization of agriculture consist the main Strategic Framework.

2+1 Pillars: Economic, Environmental, Social importance

8+1 Objectives

  1. Improve competitiveness and farmers’ position in the value chain
  2. Encourage entrepreneurship and attract investment
  3. Adopt innovation as a predominant profit-making strategy
  4. Focus on research, technology, digitalization and enhance food security
  5. Foster sustainable development and efficient management of natural resources – water, soil and air
  6. Reduce environmental footprint and adopt to climate change as well as sustainable energy
  7. Contribute to the protection of biodiversity, enhance ecosystem services and preserve habitats and landscapes
  8. Attract young farmers and facilitate business development in rural areas
  9. Improve the response of EU agriculture to societal demands on food and health

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