ESG is changing the Financing Perception

Sustainability today, stands at the top of corporate agendas worldwide, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals have become major considerations in business development and transformation programs.

More than 50% of companies have already incorporated ESG procedures in their transformation processing, while over 65% plan to increase their investment in sustainability.

Because climate change is so dominant as an issue, one might obviously assume that E dominates over S and G. But company investments cover all three aspects of sustainability fairly equally, and all findings actually show that S and G are becoming higher priorities.

Can the ESG assignment at the top of the priority list, guarantee success?

There are five critical prerequisites, to move ESG initiatives forward:

  1. Sustainability and development must be considered together
  2. You cannot systematically reduce what you cannot measure
  3. Dynamic environments require digital decision support
  4. Tracking, monitoring and mitigating risk are more important than ever
  5. Access to platforms and ecosystems is the key

The Greek banks are proceeding into criteria integration, towards a net zero economy transition and are shaping their ESG Strategies, mainly on four basic pillars:

  1. The supervisory & controlling requirements
  2. The added value of environmental-friendly businesses
  3. The national interest & perspectives, and
  4. The need to support entrepreneurship

The banking system has to put together all pieces of the puzzle, that are not yet clear and set the road map for the smooth transition to net zero.

ESG is completely changing the Rules of Financing!

Financing corporations must work “hand in hand” with businesses and for sectors where there is no mapped transition path, the financing institutions should have more room to move, but also tools such as the Recovery and Resilience Facility.

Applying the DASO™ ESG model enhances our clients' business behavior and facilitates the investors to focus on socially responsible investments.

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