Biofach 2011 Congress

37 million hectares of agricultural land worldwide were farmed organically in 2009 and the countries with the largest area of organic agricultural land were Australia, Argentina and the USA. Organic land area increased by 2 million hectares, or 6% worldwide.

The largest growth of organic area is in Europe, where the area increased by 1 million hectares or 12%.

The greatest share of the global organic agricultural land is Oceania 33%, Europe 25%, Latin America 23%.

Australia is the country with the biggest organic agricultural area (12 million hectares), followed by Argentina (4.4 million hectares) and the USA (1.9 million hectares).

The countries with the largest share of organic agricultural land are the Falkland Islands (35.7 %), followed by Liechtenstein (26.9 %) and Austria (18.5 %).

Approximately 1.8 million producers, farm using organic methods, the greatest portion are from developing countries.

The organic market is growing worldwide. The market research company Organic Monitor estimated the 2009 global market for organic products in 2009 at 55 billion US dollars (40 billion EUROS), roughly 5% more than in 2008.

The largest amount of organic products is sold in Europe and North America.

In Europe, over 18 billion EUROS were spent, with Germany leading at 5.8 billion EUROS, followed by France at 3 billion EUROS and the United Kingdom at 2.1 billion EUROS.

The countries with the highest per capita spending were Denmark and Switzerland with more than 130 EUROS annually.

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