Sales and Marketing Intelligence: a new approach

Sales and marketing intelligence is a process, by which market and company data are analyzed and translated into vital information. This information is then transformed to value, through effective CRM methodologies, in which customer and corporate needs are converged.

Sales and marketing intelligence can help you grow revenues by giving you better insight into market characteristics and consumer preferences.

As a process, it requires a full scale modeling which must be planed, budgeted, implemented, evaluated and corrected to ensure targets achievement.

Our sales and marketing intelligence model, is based on four main pillars:

  • Align sales and marketing το corporate requirements and expectations.
  • Align skills το opportunities for competitive advantage development.
  • Change strategy from products handling to customers/clients management.
  • Restructure marketing DNA for long-term relationships growing with consumers

Its full version has 9+1 deliverables, which are:

  1. Sales audit – update or redefine.
  2. Investigate sales structure, operation processes, tools, deliverables, accountability reports and management efficiency on customers’ relationships.
  3. Econometric portfolio sales analysis.
    • P&L and margins analysis by category and SKUs.
    • Competitive positioning.
    • Contributory benefits.
  4. Brand audit – update or redefine.
  5. Review marketing structure, procedures, tools, deliverable reports and accountability reports.
  6. Marketing plans monitoring, supporting, re-evaluation and updates.
  7. Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) – how much I spent and what did I got back.
  8. Promos performance – measurement, evaluation and corrective actions.
  9. Media activities performance – evaluation and contributory benefits.
  10. Strategic planning and communication strategy.

The sales and marketing intelligence model is also available in our training academy program (

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