Marketing Intelligence (Mi)

In today’s highly turbulent environment with the ongoing economic crisis and the ever deepening recession, marketing procedures must follow specific intelligence models in order to succeed.

Marketing intelligence (Mi) is a process by which information is acquired and analyzed in order:

  1. To understand market opportunities.
  2. To identify current and future needs.
  3. To assess market penetration strategy, development metrics and key performance indicators.
  4. To properly assess preferences, attitudes and behavior for both markets and customers.
  5. To evaluate changes in business environment that may affect markets’ size and structure in future.
  6. To draw the correct platform in order to create and satisfy customers needs profitably.

Marketing intelligence is NOT the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you do

Marketing intelligence is the art:

  • of creating customer equity
  • of enhancing customers to always become better
  • of converging customer and corporate needs

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