World Environment Day 2016

o-WILD-FOR-LIFE-facebookThe World Environment Day (WED) was established in 1972, by the UN and is celebrated on 5th of June every year, in order to remind everyone the added value for humanity and the planet’s future that is expressed through the Stockholm Conference on Human Environment.

World Environment Day is the main UN vehicle to promote global awareness and action for the environment. Every year the United Nations Environment Program celebrates the World Environment Day, anticipating an even greater awareness on environmental issues and more action.

This year’s theme is “fight against the illegal trade in wildlife” and Angola is the host country. The 2016 theme is particularly strong, because there is room for us all to participate in the actions showing zero tolerance to illegal trade in wildlife both in words and in actions.

We haven’t inherited this planet from our forefathers, but borrowed it from our future generations and that’s why we must return it back to them, intact!

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