Extroversion Strategy

Wrong prioritization and inadequate communication between export executives and management, is rather frequent in family businesses.

Lack of strategy is the main reason for this development, which leads to confusion about the importance of extroversion for the business. What the founder had envisaged is hardly related to what the Director understood, and – the most of the times – is completely different to what the Exports Manager is trying to implement.

Exporting is only a part of the Extroversion Strategy, which requires special attention, concerted actions and – of course – a great teamwork.

Extroversion is the future for the Greek industry. It is the main driving force for the sustainable development of the Greek companies. It is therefore imperative that extroversion must be incorporated in executives culture and be embedded as a main and permanent feature.

To achieve this, the following are required:

  1. Crystal clear strategic priorities
  2. Effective executives training to develop required skills and competencies
  3. Marketing Intelligence extroversion procedures
  4. Adequate change platform management
  5. Satisfactory positioning to balance market discrepancies
  6. Portfolio reengineering and a road map to competitive achievements development

The development of an extroversion strategy is not an easy task. Competing on pricing policies is certainly an issue but the most important parameter is the ability to generate premium equity returns for the shareholders.

DASO possesses significant expertise and knowhow on strategic development and can successfully manage all involved personnel, in order to develop dynamic and flexible extroversion frameworks that will enhance competitiveness, highlight comparative advantages and improve economic figures

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