Greek Cattle Farming – Present & Future

Greek livestock farming is an integral part of the tradition, culture and cohesion of rural societies. It is an important contributor to the national economy and could undoubtedly be one of the mechanisms of Greece’s growth and exit from the crisis.

The extremely low self-sufficiency rates currently in livestock products (18% in beef, 27% in pork, 45% in cow’s milk) are indicative of the size of the problem and the corrective actions to follow.

We must commit in developing a new National Strategy which shall invest to farmers education, training, research and innovation, always with a view to sustainable development, professional management and environmental protection.

Read HERE our concise report and the Conclusions drawn for the future of the Greek Cattle Farming.

We at DASO support Greek livestock farming and we develop integrated and self-contained Business Plans that shape their future development and take into account all the required actions and investments, that create safe conditions for sustainable development within the globalized competitive environment.

We specialize into the design, installation and support of small and economical anaerobic digestion plants for biogas production. We also design and implement modern, innovative and integrated waste management and processing systems, adapted to the geographical and social characteristics of each region as well as digestate processing and transformation units into an excellent compost material for organic and sustainable agriculture.

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