Businesses’ efficient operation is primarily based upon adequately trained executives who implement corporate policies and respond to the numerous and complex demands of everyday’s life.

As market structures continuously change, companies are racing to catch up developments, wasting precious time and risking going out of the market. Losing time and resources waste is today’s real picture for a company in which priorities are limited in everyday’s management.

In principle, companies should be organized in four main Operation Pillars (Programming, Organization, Administration and Audit Control) and their Departments (production, supply chain, sales, R&D etc.) should function as a well-coordinated system.

Only in this way, the company will be able to achieve desired results.

Businesses never operate either anarchically or based on luck. Effective operation’s assurance and desired results realization, demand the existence of a plan.

This plan is called BUDGET and it is the quantitative expression of how to act to achieve business objectives based on the specific resources.


Management Tool

Budget is one of the key management tools and it’s the Financial Statement that expresses Corporate Strategy in numbers.

Budget means all inflows, outflows, receivables and liabilities that an enterprise is expected to have within a specific timeframe, which is part of the medium term Strategic Plan and they are analyzed in great detail.

The individual budgets and programs drawn up to form the Overall Budget, are as follows, by division:

A. Sales Division
1. Sales Planning
2. Sales Budget
3. Sales Expenditure

B. Plant Division
1. Production Planning
2. Production Budget
3. Production Expenditure
4. Supply Chain Planning
5. Inventories
6. Cost of Sales

C. Strategy Division
1. Strategic Planning
2. Projects Selection & Business Implementation
3. R ​​& D

D. Finance Division
1. Administration Budget
2. Logistics & Distribution Budget
3. Financing Analysis Budget
4. Assets & Investments Budget
5. Cashflow
6. Income Statement (P&L)
7. Balance Sheet Analysis

DASO, with an over 30 years of experience, an excellent market knowledge and a fully tested combined Sales_Insights model, works together with executives and assist them to compile Budget, track discrepancies and develop immediate corrective actions to achieve goals.

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