Surviving the crisis: Some people did it!

No matter how strange it may be, some Greek companies managed to successfully overcome the problems that the financial crisis has created and continueς to create in Greece, making even strategic choices that were impressive, mainly because they seemed to be opposed to the legacy of common sense.

Adopting the basic belief that they should be part of the solution, instead of remaining an integral part of the problem, they began training on how they can change at the same speed as the market conditions change, following Darwin’s saying that “it is not the strongest nor the most intelligent that survive, but the one that is most adaptable to change.”

It is a great honor and pleasure for us at DASO that some of these companies trusted our services and worked with us.

We proceeded in business processing reengineering, we trained their executive staff, we reorganized the complete sales force and we worked out action plans that they precisely implemented and continue to apply with great success.

We work closely with management board and executive staff, monitor their evolutionary progress, and develop corrective action platforms – when and where necessary – to achieve their corporate goals.

In today’s turbulent environment, honesty, accountability and transparency are emerging as dominant values, that determine in many ways the actions that aim at customer loyalty through straightforward, authentic communication and understanding that meet their needs.

The DASO model which we operate, is based on five pillars.

  1. We fully understand today’s reality.
  2. We reduce costs and improve efficiency.
  3. We review strategy and create synergies leading to a better leverage and added value.
  4. We focus on quality and human resources development.
  5. We improve competitiveness, adopt innovation as a major profit-making strategy and generate premium equity returns for the shareholders.

The key parameter is the correct understanding of toady’s reality. Worship for stereotypical processes and executive’s way of mindset, have often deprived companies of the possibility of early and valid perception of things.

This results in significant delays in reacting towards the changing environent and consequently in loss of precious time.

At this stage we act directly and responsibly. We use modern tools and we manage to gain the lost time and prepare the business properly, because we know very well that «Success is where preparation and opportunity meet» and where there are threats there are always opportunities.

Monday August 27th 2018, we launch the final round for this year which is focused on the following axes:

  • Surviving in turbulent environment
  • Change management
  • Operations management
  • Budget 2019

At the same time and through Training Academy, the customised intra-company programs that you see HERE, will be implemented.

Call us today and make an early booking, declaring participation for your program preference.

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