Surviving the crisis II: You can also DO IT!

It is a great honor for all of us in DASO, the fact that clients, who trusted our services, have successfully managed to overcome problems & hardships that the Greek financial crisis created.

Business reengineering, executive training, production repositioning, sales development and structure reorganization, were among the changes managed, prior to action plans develpment that were successfully implemented and continue to be so.

We always work closely with management board and executive staff, monitor their evolutionary progress, and develop corrective action platforms – when and where necessary – to achieve their corporate goals.

Our operation model is based on five pillars.

  1. Comprehensive understanding of today’s reality.
  2. Costs reduction & efficiency improvement
  3. Strategy review to create synergies leading to a better leverage and added value.
  4. Focus on quality & HR development.
  5. Improve competitiveness & adopt innovation as a major profit-making strategy to generate premium equity returns for the shareholders.

The 3rd & final session in 2018, is focused on:

  • Sales development
  • Change management
  • Operations management
  • Budget 2019

Do not miss our Training Academy sessions, that are in progress and will continue to be until the end of this year.

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