Eating organic reduces your risk of cancer

A higher frequency of organic food consumption was associated with a reduced risk of cancer, according to a new French study.

You can read more HERE, or contact us directly in the link below, if you want to study the original scientific paper.

Although the study findings need to be confirmed, promoting organic food consumption in the general population could be a promising Preventive Strategy against cancer.

The average consumer today, is increasingly concerned about the quality, the nutritive value, the production processing, the raw materials and generally the origin, treatment and hygiene conditions for all foodstuffs that are positioned on the dinner table.

At DASO, founding member of the Organic Products Cluster, we highlight the rich native organic biodiversity, we emphasize on all those products that correlate health to gastronomic culture and we support innovative and integrated design, production, distribution and marketing of the amazing Greek Organic Products.

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