Remote Training

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the necessary national measures taken to tackle the spread of the virus, disrupted the normal flow of our consulting and executive training services, during the past period.

Nevertheless, we moved quickly and implemented measures, ensuring the safety of our partners, associates and clients.

Utilizing all available digital and internet tools, new opportunities and alternative possibilities were uncovered. A new REMOTE – Distance Learning Platform was developed for our clients and their executive personnel in Greece and abroad.

For 2021 we focus on four (4) basic categories

and we developed a new training portfolio of nine (9) programs

  1. Organizational Diagnosis and Pathway to Prime
  2. Efficient Team Building
  3. Customer Relationship Management
  4. Time Management
  5. Debt Collection and Risk Management
  6. Change Management
  7. The DNA of Innovation
  8. Succession Planning in Family Business
  9. Corporate Strategy

During our training sessions, innovative thoughts and ideas are developed, methods that have improved the real business world are analyzed and interactive workshops are conducted, strengthening executive performance and improving their professional behavior.

DASO Remote Training Academy is the safest, most up-to-date and effective approach to advanced Business Training, providing comprehensive online coaching & training services.

You can read the Remote Training Academy 2021 manual, HERE!

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